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Debt collection agencies can contact you, but there are federal and state laws they must follow when doing so. One such law is the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which protects consumers from deceptive, unfair, abusive, and harassing collection practices. If a debt collector is communicating with you in a way you don’t like, then communicate with Thomasson PLLC to explore your options for obtaining relief.

Debt Collector Obligations Under the FDCPA

There are many types of debts covered by the FDCPA including, but not limited to, credit cards, loans, medical bills, student loans, mortgages, and all types of household debts. The FDCPA permits debt collectors to contact you in a variety of ways but they may not contact you during certain times or at work. They must also send you a written notice within five days of their initial contact, specifying the amount you owe, the creditor’s name, and what actions to take if want to dispute all or part of the debt or request verification. If you mail a letter asking the collector to stop contacting you, they must respect your request. You may take legal action against collectors who violate the FDCPA and, if you are successful, the collector must pay you damages and your attorney’s fees and costs.

Common FDCPA Violations

At Thomasson PLLC, we help consumers pursue their legal rights and recover damages for them when collectors violate the FDCPA. Debt collectors who use means to trick or confuse you, or who use other abusive or unfair collection tactics face serious consequences. If they tell you that they will seize your property or have you arrested, contact an attorney right away to report these violations. Other FDCPA violations include requesting unauthorized collection charges, informing third parties of your debt, threatening criminal prosecution, issuing demand letters without disclosing the exact debt amount, and more. Too often collectors use deceptive means to collect debts, but consumers never realize they were duped.

Protecting You from Abusive Debt Collection

Thomasson PLLC will enforce your rights against debt collection agencies who try and trick or harass you, or who refuse to honor your no-contact requests. We will assess your situation and determine the best way to hold the collector responsible for its actions. We know how to help you, so contact one of our compassionate and experienced attorneys today to discuss how we can help obtain the relief you need and deserve.

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