COVID-19 Litigation in New Jersey

Representing Consumers in COVID-19 Related Litigation

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Many businesses scrambled to adapt when the COVID-19 pandemic swept across our country in 2020 and 2021. In particular, businesses in the service industry struggled with how to handle cancellations, modifications, and refunds. Some businesses adapted very well for their customers, but many did not. Please call us to discuss your options if you believe a business owes you a full or partial refund due to the COVID-19 pandemic but you have yet to receive it.

Navigating Unclear Refund Policies

In most cases, businesses must adequately disclose the specifics of their refund policies. Businesses may be in violation of state or federal law if they do not make their refund policy clear, or easily accessible, to the public. Unfortunately, some businesses are deliberately vague about their refund or cancellation policies which often cause unsuspecting consumers to wrongly believe they may obtain refunds, but then deny refund requests if one is requested. Contact our firm to discuss your legal options to recover any refund you believe was wrongly denied.

Securing Refunds You’re Owed

Even if you’re entitled to a refund, some businesses might fail to respond to your refund request or even attempt to deny it. Dealing with uncooperative businesses can be overwhelming and stressful—if you are suffering through that experience, you can count on us to step in and communicate for you. Likewise, if you are struggling to secure a COVID-19 related refund from an unresponsive business, you are quite likely not alone and, therefore, specific factors could make pursuing class-action relief the best method to recover our monies owed to our clients’ and thousands of consumers at large at the same time.

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At Thomasson PLLC, we understand COVID-19 has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives and, therefore, we believe in the importance of helping our clients recover the refunds and compensation they are owed. Contact us today and learn more by calling us in New Jersey (973) 312-0774, Texas (973) 312-0774, or Wisconsin (920) 312-7665.

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